Chocolate farmed from seed and crafted with conscience.

Rich in Caribbean spirit, full of Island soul.

The Islands Way

Artistry, Not Industry

Industrial 95%

Huge international companies who buy millions of tonnes of cocoa on the world markets, mainly from West Africa, to process into chocolate on an industrial scale.

Bean to Bar 5%

Chocolatiers who source beans directly or indirectly from farmers to make into chocolate themselves in relatively small quantities.

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Seed to Bar 0.01%

A minuscule number of farmers who make their own chocolate from cocoa grown on their own farms. Truly progressive.

From Our Farms To You

In an industry full of dirty secrets, where layers and layers of intermediaries is the norm, Islands are unique in being BOTH the farmers and the makers of our chocolate. Managing our supply chain from start to finish means not only do we have perfect traceability, but in purchasing Islands Chocolate, you are directly supporting the livelihood of over 150 Vincentians.

Cocoa grows 10 degrees either side of the equator.
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Why Islands?

Our award-winning chocolate is beloved by the UK’s top chefs, bakers, baristas and connoisseurs at home.

But why?

The chocolate industry is getting it wrong. Decimating nature on an industrial scale, without care, consideration of ethics or conscience. Ignoring ‘open secrets' and using mouldy cocoa to produce cheap chocolate, for their profit and no-one else’s.

By personally managing every step of the journey, we craft award winning chocolates, with unrivalled ethical assurances: wages seven times over the Fair Trade Pledge, 150 direct employees at source and over 1 million trees planted to date.

Our ethical model performs at scale, delivering millions of hot chocolates annually in London alone.


First of all is the chocolate itself:

Nutrient rich volcanic soil, cool ocean winds, deep shaded valleys and the spirit of the Caribbean shape the flavour of our chocolate. Our beans are fermented and dried centrally, allowing us to elevate the unique, fruitful flavours gifted by the land and honed at each stage of our cocoa’s journey. This pure quality cocoa is then shipped to our chocolatiers, where it’s craft with the lightest touch. Roasting at low temperatures and refining delicately, we preserve the natural fruit flavanols unique to our Caribbean cocoa. As the farmers of our own chocolate, we're able to pick, pod, ferment, dry and sort the beans ourselves, making sure that for Islands chocolate they're the best they can be, free from mould and other defects.

Then there is the background behind our chocolate

Most chocolate companies can only pay lip-service to traceability, because by the time it is offered to consumers, it has often been through at least six intermediaries or more. Islands are unique in being BOTH the farmers and the makers of our chocolate. We pay our farmers double the national living wage which eradicates the need for child labour. With our 150 employees receiving wages much fairer than fair trade, we guarantee ZERO child or slave labour on our farms.
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From Cocoa Into Chocolate

Almost uniquely, at Islands we manage the entire process every step of the way!

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Start Here &
Follow the Trail

Preparing the Land

Shade Cover

Planting the Seed

Grafting the Budwood

Growing the Plants

Planting out in the Mountains

Tending the Trees

Picking and Cracking Pods

Fermenting Beans



Bagging and Storing



Weighing and Storing






Moulding & Cooling


Islands Chocolate

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Our Chocolate Testimonials...

Beloved by the UK’s top chefs, bakers, baristas and connoisseurs at home.

You can take their word for our quality.

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    five stars

    "Islands chocolate is simply the best chocolate I've had in years"

    "Islands chocolate was simply the best chocolate I've had in years. We have big plans for the future together. Lots of new outrageously delicious concepts obviously but also one mission; to bring back a touch of realness to the food we make; to centre stage again true craftsmanship, provenance and

    Roy Levy Executive Chef, GAIL's Bakery
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    five stars

    "Versatile and utterly delicious"

    "I am a great believer that the greatness of a dish is tied to two things - the greatness of the cook and the greatness of the ingredients. If you're in the business of trying to make truly wonderful chocolate creations, do yourself a favour no matter how good a cook you are, and use the versatile and utterly delicious range of Islands Chocolate."

    Phil Howard Executive Chef, Elystan Street
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    five stars

    "Pure chocolate flavour"

    "It's all about the flavour of the cocoa, it's so pure and clean. Pure chocolate flavour, and this is so rare to taste."

    Benjamin Orpwood Executive Chef, Gordon Ramsay
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    five stars

    "A flavour as powerful as the ethos behind it."

    "Amazingly good for all the right reasons. It is pure, fruity, acidic - a flavour as powerful as the ethos behind it."

    James Greatorex Head Chef, L'Ortolan
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    five stars

    "The best chocolate I've ever had the pleasure to eat"

    "The best chocolate I've ever had the
    pleasure to eat, incredibly complex
    with multiple layers of flavour and a
    joy to work with"

    Euan Peach Blue Strawberry & Table Talk

What Islanders Say

  • Such delicious chocolate! You can really tell this is a single estate chocolate. It has such a clear, fruity flavour. Its flavour profile is simply stunning. Top level mouthfeel too. Smoothness to rival the best brands. An ethical chocolate couverture with a reasonable price tag. Perfect.

    Chloe Chandless

  • The product exceeded my expectations and has a far better (and more complex) flavour profile than most market milk chocolate which tends to rely on too much sugar! It's also got a really cool story and apparently seed to bar is pretty rare.. Definitely worth a try and next time gonna buy some dark chocolate for cooking.

    Edward Everington

  • A beautifully balanced chocolate, dark and rich but not overpowering or bitter at all. Baked perfectly in some brownies at home during lockdown and have since taken it in to the restaurant I work at and trialed it in making a range of petit fours, a mousse and a fondant. All worked very well.

    J M Nevile

  • I ordered these buttons to use in various keto recipes, including peanut butter/chocolate chip bars made with almond flour and coconut flour. They work perfectly - making the bars taste chocolatey and tasty without being too sweet. Love the re-sealable packaging too!

    Liz Mac

  • I loved everything about this chocolate. From the smooth texture, deep flavour and super cool packaging. The buttons are perfect for snacking on but I’ve also used them in making cookies and brownies. These buttons are epic.

    Laura Schict

  • This was a present for my father-in-law, who loves his dark chocolate and has tried many, many over the years (he's 81). He said this one was by far the best he'd ever tasted.

    Mrs L Sentence