Unlike most chocolate companies who buy cocoa from local cooperatives or obtain ready made chocolate to re-mould into bars, we do it all ourselves.

Islands Chocolate grows the cocoa and transforms it into chocolate at origin so we are in the perfect position to share the entire process with you.

We are truly tree to bar.

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ultimate chocolate experience

Islands Chocolate is made for us by our sister company, St Vincent Cocoa Company in St Vincent & the Grenadines, to produce the ultimate chocolate experience.


To enhance your enjoyment of Islands Chocolate we feel that it is vital that you understand all the different parts of the supply chain which contribute to making this chocolate unique.

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We will give you a taste of the Caribbean by providing a background into the culture that the cacao is grown, the farmers that grow it, the hard work and dedication from our team and the processes needed to make sure that each Islands Chocolate bar is an integrated experience that you will never forget.


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