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The Planet

  • The deep topsoil and heavy rainfall experienced in St Vincent are brilliant for growing cacao – but this combination does mean that landslides are a real risk, which makes responsible farming even more crucial. On steep land, we terrace each and every one of our cacao trees, to prevent such landslides and soil erosion.

  • We can’t stand waste, so we try to reduce it at every stage of the journey.

  • We farm as sustainably and ethically as possible, to ensure there’s still a beautiful planet for future generations to enjoy.

  • We only grow the best, highest-yielding cocoa varieties and use natural agroforestry systems to increase efficiency. We intercrop our cacao trees with bananas, mangoes, citrus trees and mahogany – to give the cacao trees the 50% shade cover they need in their early years. Not only that, but it also means our farmers have an additional source of income throughout the year.

The Community

  • Teaming up with our sister company, St. Vincent Cocoa, we provide employment to over 200 field-workers and chocolatiers in St. Vincent, adding value to the local economy and helping improve island infrastructure. Islands Chocolate has become something the community is really proud of.

  • We are able to take a long-term approach, providing an additional 100 farmers with free plants, training and support, and helping them grow cocoa as efficiently and sustainably as possible on their own land.

  • We work with our farmers, ensuring they’re supported throughout and pay significantly higher than the rates advocated by Fairtrade. This gives them the sustainable income they need to continue growing the finest cocoa beans.

  • We’re currently supporting several local schools as well as an orphanage.

  • Youth unemployment is a problem in St. Vincent. Our business provides a way out for many young people, giving them invaluable skill-sets.


The Chocolate

  • All our chocolate is completely sustainable, fair and 100% traceable – because we grow the cocoa ourselves, turning it into chocolate at origin.

  • We control the whole process from seed to bar, so we’re able to pick the finest cocoa varieties and manage the fermentation and drying process ourselves. This gives our beans their uniquely-crafted flavour profile. After all, a chocolate bar can only be as good as its ingredients.