Top 5 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Indulging on a bar of chocolate is often considered a guilty pleasure, so we are here today to show you that perhaps, you shouldn't feel as guilty. Munching on a bar of Snickers won’t do you any good (sorry snickers), however having a few cubes of dark chocolate has its benefits. Here is a quick overview to mention a few ways in which dark chocolate is better for you. Before we carry on, we aren't saying chocolate is healthy, we are saying that in moderation it certainly has its advantages. 

1.       Good for your heart

Cocoa is rich in flavanols, which are natural plant pigments. These are associated to many health bonuses, such as improving blood flow and thereby lowering blood pressure. Improved circulation can also help cognitive functions by boosting blood flow into key areas of the brain. In addition, cocoa is known to decrease cholesterol levels and thereby lowering the risk of Cardiovascular disease. 

2.       Glowing skin

Many beauty companies have already discovered the benefits of cocoa and as a result you can find a variety of cocoa butters and creams in shops. The flavanols also protect the skin from the sun, we would still reccomend putting suncream on though! Cocoa also smooths the skin out and gives it a natural glow. 

3.        Lowers appetite

What? Eating chocolate can make you lose weight? Yep, it has been proved that dark chocolate can make you eat less. There has been a study in which the consumption of dark chocolate was correlated with a 17% lower calorie intake at the participant’s next meal. Yes, we are as surprised as you are! 

4.       Increases libido

It is probably not a coincidence that Valentine’s Day’s signature present is chocolate. It contains theobromine and alkaloid, which is similar to caffeine. It can also make you feel more ‘in love’ thanks to a chemical called phenylethylamine :) 

5.       Makes you live longer

There is promising research from Harvard that suggests that eating chocolate might increase life expectancy! We are watching this space. Come on researchers! 


It is important to note that these health benefits will only occur when eating the chocolate in moderation! No need to overindulge, although we understand if this is tricky sometimes :)




Wilf Marriott