Why does Islands Chocolate cost £5.95?


For many people a bar of chocolate is an impulse buy that gives you that little boost after a long hard days work, but not many people think of the origins of the chocolate and where your money goes.

Islands Chocolate is different from mass market chocolate because we like to make a difference to not only our loyal customers, but also to the farmers and chocolatiers who strive to reach perfection with every bar.  We want to encourage our farmers to produce the best cacao they can and in doing so, they get rewarded by getting a good price and assistance along the way.

As I'm sure you're aware, Islands Chocolate comes from St Vincent, a beautiful Caribbean Island. We plant gorgeous cacao trees and hire locals most of whom have a good knowledge of agriculture and take pride in what they do. By this, we are not only helping to improve unemployment on the island, which is running at around 20%, but we are paying farmers three times the market price for wet cacao. We are also trying to help this beautiful island in other ways, such as donating money to local schools and areas so that the people can have a proper education and a better quality of life.

Cocoa Farmers

If you think about it, by purchasing a bar of delicious Islands Chocolate, you are not only treating yourself, but contributing to improving the livelihood of locals on St Vincent. How cool is that?

Talking about feeling good from eating a bar of chocolate… Islands Chocolate is also a guilt-free pleasure because we are totally transparent throughout the whole supply chain. No nasty secrets of what goes into this chocolate, pure love and passion.

It can take over a month to make an Islands Chocolate bar, while for mass market chocolate, such as Lindt or Cadbury, it only takes 1-2 days. Why does it take so long for us? The short answer is, because our chocolate is real, made from proper quality cocoa beans and hand-crafted to ensure that your experience is one that you will never forget.

You can read about this further in our next post where we will take you to the beautiful island of St Vincent and guide you through our chocolate making process with great photos, facts and videos.

Until then, keep enjoying that delicious bar of Islands Chocolate knowing that your money is in a good place, helping communities and people in St. Vincent as well as creating more sustainable plantations to make more and more delicious chocolate.   

Think Beyond the Bar