Islands Classic Hot Chocolate - with vegan options
Ingredients (makes 4 portions):
400ml Milk (Any alternative milk works too. Oat milk works brilliantly).
180ml Alpro single soya cream (Double cream for dairy version)
4 tablespoons Demerara sugar
Topping’s of your choice
1. Combine your milk, cream and sugar. Gently stir together and put on a medium heat, bringing to a simmer.
2. Add your chocolate drops remove from the heat keep stirring till the chocolate is completely melted and you have a smooth creamy consistence (now is the time to add extra milk if you want a thinner consistency) .
3. Serve with whatever topping you wish! Vegan whipped cream, vegan marshmallows and cocoa powder is our favourite.
Pro tip - Don’t throw away any left overs. Divide it into ramekins and place in the fridge overnight. Serve with some berries for a delicious chocolate pot (this only works if you don’t add extra milk mentioned in step 2).
Thanks to Caleb Cambridge (@calebcambridge) for this recipe and utterly delectable images.

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