We think with cookies you can have a fair bit of artistic licence, however the one this that you must try and have is a good quality cooking chocolate to hand. We promise that it will transform your cookies to a different level. Not to mention all of the added goodness that you can shout about over the dinner table to make you sound pretty swatty (Seed-to-bar, Ethical chocolate, Provenance etc).

So here is the quick recipe. For us, it doesn’t matter how you mix it but we do the sugar, butter and egg together and then put all of the other ingredients at the end. The salt should be the last thing that you sprinkle over the cookie at the end to add a bit of flavour and deliciousness.

Time : Around 10 mins at 180 degrees (Golden brown round the outside and nice and gooey in the middle)

  • 155g brown sugar

  • 96g white sugar

  • 250g flour

  • 3g baking powder

  • 4g bicarbonate soda

  • 200g chopped Islands Chocolate

  • 140g butter

  • 2 eggs


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