Recipe created by The Primrose Bakery (@primrosebakery), who ran a two week Islands Chocolate Brownie Special in their Primrose Hill store, London.

They ran out of chocolate within the first week with so many brownie sales.

Make sure you use Islands Chocolate to ensure you get those rich intricate layers of flavour, straight from the Caribbean. Paradise. 


350g 75% Islands Chocolate Bars
350g Unsalted butter⁠
400g Golden caster sugar⁠
1 tsp Salt⁠
2 tsp Instant espresso powder
6 Large eggs⁠
1 tsp Vanilla⁠ Essence 
200g 55% Islands Chocolate Buttons 
170g Self raising flour⁠


    Preheat oven to 150°.
    Melt the 75% chocolate & butter together and leave to cool. ⁠
    Mix the sugar and espresso powder in a separate bowl. ⁠
    Beat the eggs & vanilla gently with a hand mixer. ⁠
    Add the egg mixture & sugar mixture together & stir. ⁠
    Add the cooled chocolate & butter & mix again.⁠
    Finally add the flour, baking powder & salt & the 55% chocolate buttons & stir with wooden spoon.⁠
    Pour into tin & cook for 30-40 minutes - do not over bake!⁠


      Enjoy the goo. 


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