Islands is more than chocolate, it’s an experience, a moment, a moment of pleasure










St Vincent and The Grenadines




These islands are arguably the last of the traditional Caribbean.

Unspoilt, vibrant and beautiful.

The undulating hills against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea make for a canvas that is nothing short of sensational.   


the land



Chocolate is much like fine wine, the soil plays a significant part in the taste of the final product.

St Vincent is a volcanic island, La Soufriere is an active volcano on the island that last erupted in 1979, this might be why there is a smokey hint to our chocolate.  In addition, the fruits with which the cacao is intercropped e.g. banana and citric, also come through in the flavour profiles.

Cocoa is also known as Cacao, this is derived from the scientific name of the tree, ‘Theobroma Cacao’ (food of the Gods).  Whilst this causes some confusion, most chocolatiers refer to it as Cacao in its raw form before it is processed by fermentation and dried to produce what we know as Cocoa.





The people are incredibly proud and with good reason. The islands are beautiful, the climate is warm and the seas are crystal blue. There are only 105,000 inhabitants spread over 32 islands and cays.

The cocoa and chocolate company is providing jobs, supporting local famers and offering progression within the company to make the industry sustainable.

For more information about our sustainability program please visit out cocoa website.

St Vincent Cocoa Company



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Our fine flavoured cacao varieties


St Vincent has varieties of cacao that have been growing in the mountains for hundreds of years and that have flavour profiles of subtle fruit and woodiness.

It is important that we understand all of the flavour profiles of each of our strains. With each variety, the fermentation times differ so we need to be aware of this to ensure that each of our bars is equally delicious.



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Cocoa Garden


Our Cocoa Garden hosts cuttings from all the best mother trees  to be found on the island of St Vincent. In addition, there are a number of world renowned varieties such as Porcelana and Ocumare which we will grow in such abundance that we will be able to produce single-estate bars.

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We have a state of the art processing facility to ensure that we can maximise the potential of the bean. It is at this stage that the flavour of the bean is born. 

Every step of the process is so crucial that one slip up could affect hundreds of bars of chocolate. We have spent years developing the handling facility to make sure that each step of the process is perfectly integrated.

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In addition to growing cacao on our own land, we also work with over 100 loyal farmers who also supply us with cacao.  We have a great relationship with these local producers and work together. We guarantee to buy their cocoa, whilst they assist us with pruning, harvesting and agricultural advice.  This mutual arrangement provides additional security for the local farmers and in return they are happy to sell us with their amazing cacao.

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